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Level 5

A level 5 finish is the highest caliber that can be achieved in drywall. Regardless of how skilled the tradesman is and how flat his seams, there is still a difference of texture between the drywall paper and areas where joint compound has been applied. If painting without applying a skim coat, drywall seams may photograph through the paint due to difference of texture. Therefore, by applying a skim coating over the entire surface any incidental imperfections in the drywalled area are filled.  This will insure the entire surface will be uniformly smooth across seams, fasteners, and drywall paper. It is highly recommended where high gloss paints and direct lighting or large windows are near. Critical lighting may include side-lighting from fixture. 

This can be achieved 3 ways, Hand applied, Machine applied or Rapid deco level 5 board.


Even Though not as prevalent as just a few years ago we still do Machine applied knockdown and many hand applied textures.


We utilize the newest products. Don't use 1960 technology in your new home. Many products available today are FAR superior to products being produced just ten years ago! Our homeowner warranties have been reduced by 80% in the past 10 years. No call backs make for happy homeowners!   Use of offset angle composite tape on inside 45* angles, Composite tape on 90* corner bead instead of Galvanized metal that bend, rust and crack. Use of Drywall glue and screws reducing fasteners by 50% with a stronger hold.  Almost eliminates the pops so common in the past. Also several Proprietary products we use in every house to make sure your walls and ceilings looks like they did when it was new for years to come.